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The World's #1 eCommerce Market

The Chinese economy is booming and its citizens' purchasing power is stronger than ever. With over 500 million online shoppers looking for ways to stand out  the crowd and express their unique personalities, high-quality, foreign brands are highly sought after.

But, how exactly would you go about Shipping to China? Aren't there too many barriers and regulations in place, making it virtually impossible to do so? Not necessarily. We want you to focus on what matters: Driving sales. Moreplus Shipping has got your logistics covered. 

We're integrated with major eCommerce platforms and marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay, Wish, Shopee, Aliexpress….. This allows you to start shipping with us in a matter of clicks, with no coding required (but we do have an Open API if you have your own system or requirements).

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E-commerce makes it easier for you to expand business to global market and get more orders, but unexpected problems like custom matters, global shipping and high warehousing fees will follow.

We are technology driven e-Commerce fulfillment service provider expertise in creative VMI & JIT System & Inventory management (Vendor Managed Inventory) (Just In Time) To Reduce Your Inventory Pressure 100% Intergrated Digital software (WMS OMS TMS PMS…) Apart  Warehouse, Pick and Pack, Shipping ….. We Also Offer Human Power to Reduce Your Human Team Cost in China.

Aside  our impressive tech, you will also be assigned a dedicated Ac Manager, to help you out whenever something requires attention.

That way, you will know exactly who to talk to. No more back and forward between several parties that refuse to take responsibility.

Our team speaks a combined Multiple languages, including Mandarin and Cantonese. Language barriers? Not while we are around!

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We got the expertise and experience and will take care of these matters for you. That way, you can focus on what matters to you, be it increasing sales, product development or simply enjoying life. Floship makes shipping easy.

As the full-service eCommerce fulfillment company, is here to take all the annoying hassles away. Focus on getting more orders, which is something really matters, let us do the following things, your consumers will happily get their packages on doorsteps very soon.

Request a free Consultation by filling out the form below as accurately as possible, and we will go over your needs together. We value the personal contact with our clients and will customize our services to your situation.

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We Consult, Store, Pick, Pack & Ship.

Fully Automated & Integrated Software.

Warehouses in Hong Kong, Shenzhen & Europe.

Inventory Storage

To start the whole eCommerce order fulfillment process, please send your inventory to our fulfillment warehouses in Shenzhen, HongKong, Europe, Australia or USA. We will receive the inventory, scan SKUs into fulfillment system and store your inventory.

Ac Set-up

Register a ac and connect your eCommerce store to  fulfillment system via our free API. Your ac manager will assist you anytime you need.

Order Sync

Once you get new orders, sync orders to fulfillment system with several clicks. We will pick, pack and ship your orders on the same day.

Order Tracking

Ships packages to global buyers with the most suitable shipping methods, fast and affordable. The tracking numbers for the shipped order will be pushed back to your e-commerce store.

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