Other Sourcing Service

Take Building Materials as example, we are dedicated to help our client finding comprehensive goods  China with competitive price, as well as careful quality control.


How do we source for you?


1) Communicate with you for detailed request.

2) Source  more than 20 suppliers.

3) Recommend the best one to you.

4) Send you detailed quotation sheet.

5) Arrange sample and DHL to you.

How do we follow up?

6) Sign contract & Place order to suppliers.

7) Follow up and keep you updated regularly.

8) Go to factory for goods inspection.

9) Take pictures & videos and make detailed report.

10) Arrange shipping by sea FCL/LCL or by air.


If you are planning to visit China:


Before you come to China

1) Advice you the best time to visit China.

2) Send you invitation letter for applying VISA.

3) Help with hotel recommendation & booking.

4) Source the suppliers in advance & Prepare schedule.

When you arrive in China, start purchasing

1) Arrange private driver for airport pickup.

2) Guide you to visit markets/suppliers here.

3) Do interpretation & help with price negotiation.

4) Provide sales confirmation with pictures for you.

After you complete the purchasing in China

1) Sign legal contract with suppliers & place the orders.

2) Follow up production & keep you updated regularly.

3) Do careful inspection to make sure quality & quantity.

4) Arrange truck for goods collection to warehouse.

5) Do customs clearance & make export documents.

6) Arrange shipping by sea FCL/LCL or by air.

7) DHL you original documents like BL, INV, PL, CO for destination port clearance & container pickup.


What is our advantage?


Our sites have more than 1 billion items to choose

Competitive Price

Most competitive price in China

Prompt Response

Respond any request in time

Careful Inspection

Most careful agent in China

More Plus information

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