Europe Rail freight Train Import to China

Rail freight importing to China From Europe advantages are efficient, convenient, safe, and environmentally friendly, Rail Freight train can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 95% comparing with Air Freight. This is the main reason why the China-Europe Railway Express logistics channel has become a new bright spot in the international trade field under the continuing epidemic.

► China Europe train in Germany 

► China Europe Train in Netherland Rotterdam 

► Global vaccine transport by China Europe Rail freight train 

China Europe train in Germany 

More than 20 Chinese cities have China-Europe train connections with the Port of Hamburg. In addition to the four assembly centers of Xi’an, Chongqing, Chengdu, and Zhengzhou, there are Changchun, Changsha, Dalian, Ganzhou, Harbin, Hefei, Jinan, Shenyang, and Shenzhen. , Shilong, Suzhou, Weihai, Wuhan, Xiamen, Yantai and Yiwu.

Most cities operate at least one China-Europe train to Hamburg every week, and trains departing  Xi'an, Chongqing, Chengdu and Zhengzhou reach 4 to 5 trains a week. There are two main routes, one is to enter the EU through Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus, and the other is to pass through Siberia and northern Mongolia.

Normally, it takes 14 to 16 days for the China-Europe Express to arrive in Hamburg. Transportation to and  the cities on the east coast of China takes a little longer, up to 21 days. This spring, the new "Shandong Europe Express" train has also started.

All European ports are strengthening cooperation with China. In order to welcome more China-Europe express trains, they have begun to increase investment in railways and multimodal transport facilities.

China Europe Train in Netherland Rotterdam 

Although the epidemic is raging in Europe, in August and September this year, the new China-Europe Express Line connected the two major ports of China's Xi'an and the Netherlands. Rather than talking about new lines, more precisely, they are beginning to resume normal operations. For example, as early as 2015, there was a direct train  China to Rotterdam. After identifying new customers and partners, the normalized operation of the China-Europe Railway Express has been promoted, and finally the frequency of operating a weekly class has been achieved.

Another China-Europe Express train line  Xi’an also passes through Slawkow in southern Poland to the Port of Amsterdam, and  there, it transfers container cargo to London, the capital of the United Kingdom.

Global vaccine transport by China Europe Rail freight train 

While air transport capacity has been very tight after the outbreak. In the transportation market of Eurasia, China-Europe Express has undertaken the important task of stabilizing the supply chain in the past few months and has performed well. 

The cold chain transportation of China-Europe Railway Express started as early as 2015. Fresh vegetables and fruits are the most important source of cold chain transportation for China-Europe Express. As Russia lifts the ban on EU food transit transportation, EU products such as salmon, milk, and red wine have also become beneficiaries of cold chain transportation

At present, there are mainly 45-foot international standard refrigerated containers equipped with diesel generators on the market. The temperature control range in the container ranges  -29 degrees Celsius to +27 degrees Celsius. It has functions such as automatic monitoring, automatic control, and two-way communication. In 2016, the relevant departments of China Railway Group developed the BX1K 40-foot reefer container, with a minimum temperature of -25 degrees Celsius.

The development of railway containers in Europe predates China, and road and railway cold chain transportation have more mature experience. The complete cold chain transportation also includes temperature control technology, insulation technology, cold chain storage, cold chain handling, cold chain information control and cold chain quarantine. The cold chain transportation of the China-Europe Express train alone is only one part of the vaccine logistics transportation. In addition, vaccine transportation also requires professional personnel and operational experience, which may be one of the limiting factors.

In addition, timeliness is also the key to vaccine transportation. If the vaccine has a shelf life of only 5 days in an environment of 2 to 8 degrees Celsius, then there is no need to mention all the problems-only air transportation meets the requirements.

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