Road Freight

Trucking transport moves directly exporter door to toward the final destination no matter  heavy haul items in bulk or small parcel make them well-liked and steadily popular..

1. China Europe cross-border road transport

China Europe cross-border road transport in just 10-14 days  door to door delivery in-transit over 4000-7000 kilometers that establish them a nature of efficient, direct and reliable.

At present, several numbers of China Europe cross-border road transport routes between are operating stably, mainly transporting special products such as lithium batteries and cold chain products, health care and pharmaceutical, which are becoming new highlights in the transportation market.

In addition to China Europe cross-border road transport, also can be applied to the cold chain transportation with higher comprehensive requirements, especially applicable in  pharmaceutical industry. Benefiting  the mutual recognition of customs in transit countries, the cross-border cold chain transportation has the advantage of no inspection in the whole process, which can minimize the loss of goods and protect the safety and efficiency of cold chain transportation. Cross-border road cold chain transportation is absolutely an ideal way for fresh agricultural products. From the Khorgos border via Kazakhstan, to Moscow, Russia, the entire journey of more than 4,000 kilometers by transit in 10 days, compared to general transportation, saving 3 to 5 days. Frozen meat can also be imported into China by China Europe cross-border cold chain transportation. From door to door Belarus to Khorgos Border takes 8 days in transit more than 5000kilometers, Transportation is carried out by -18 °C constant temperature freezer transport

The express customs clearance time allows door to door transit time in 11 days to Europe countries, Germany and Slovakia over 7000km.

2. ASEAN Cross Border road transport 

3. Mongolia / CIS Cross Border road Transport

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