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Exhibition logistics


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Exhibition logistics refers to the efficient and comprehensive logistics transportation and storage services for exhibiting materials, equipment and other exhibition items  the origin to the exhibition site in order to meet the needs of the exhibition and the exhibition venue and after completing the exhibition, the transportation process  exhibition venue return to origin or next country. In addition to handling transportation to venue and deal with international application of customs documentation such as ATA Carnet, exhibition logistics can also handle the hiring of forklift and crane crews in case need it at the venue. You can even hire a warehouse to storage and keep all your empty boxes safe out of view of the show floor.

What is ATA carnet?


The demand for warehouse surges upward is a result of blooming e-commerce or online purchase activity. In B2B e-commerce today orders tend to become smaller while in many cases goods in stock.

Buyers bypass traditional trading houses to reduce cost (no trading commission, used to be 3~5% or even more).

Warehousing is no longer just a temporary storage place for your cargo, when outsourcing warehouse service to our professional team,  

you can trust in our team, reply on our latest warehouse technology to transform it as your competitive advantages, the most important is to reductant of your investment on fixed assets to release capital and manpower allows you to stay focus on your core business activities, and competency than others, all these advantages definitely bring value added to your supply chain as well as to your products.

We can conclude several key things to consider.

1. Flexibility

No contracted term, space available on demand

2. Infrastructure

A decent place to receive goods , some would still want visibility in their FOD (freight on dock) or GAC (goods at consolidator).  In view of this decent IT infrastructure is definitely a plus.

3. Cost 

In the world of internet, warehouse should not become a significant cost element in their supply chain. unless for some goods that required special attention, for example goods of high value, fragile, etc, state-of-the-art warehouse facility is not needed.

4. Accessibility

The selected hub location(s) must be easily accessible by suppliers  different provinces in the cases of FOB or FCA.

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