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We are professional Freight Forwarder Ship From China to Worldwide & E-commerce fulfillment service forwarder in China. │ Rail freight │Sea freight │ Air freight │ Road freight │ Ocean freight │ Train freight │ FBA Service │ Express Service │ Supply Chain solutions │ Pick and pack, warehouse │Singapore Shipping agent │ Export & Import Service
  • More Plus Shipping ServiceWe can proviced professional Freight Forwarder Ship China to Worldwide E-commerce fulfillment service forwarder in China.Including the following logistics and transport services.Shipping service Air Freight, Sea Freight, Rail freight Train, Cross Border + Domestic Road freight, FBA Services, Express Service... Air Freight Air freight is the fastest transportation as it takes only a few hours for shipping goods over longer distances, with its highly reliable and easy to access to anywhere, it has been considered as the first-choice transport alternative for high-value and low-volume shipments.(More...) Sea Freight More Plus Shipping Sea freight, more commonly known as Ocean Freight. Mainly From Worldwide Import to China / From China Export to Worldwide, Its characteristics of low cost, FCL, LCL or Cargo Multiple Consolidation options, enable sea freight ranked the first place in international trade.(More...) Rail freight Train China Europe Rail freight Train became an critical transportation choice in modern supply chain. It was initiative by the China Silk Road program. Since 2011, the first China Europe Rail freight has been successfully launched.(More...) Cross Border + Domestic Road freight China Europe cross-border road transport in just 10-14 days door to door delivery in-transit over 4000-7000 kilometers that establish them a nature of efficient, direct and reliable.(More...) FBA Services (Fulfillment by Amazon) The full name of FBA is Fulfillment by Amazon, which is to send goods Amazon warehouse to buyer, The distance China to Amazon warehouse is called FBA first trip.(More...) Express Service Express services one of the logistics areas that emphasizes the speed of delivery. It is similar to postal delivery, but express delivery can send large items such as books and online shopping items, provide door-to-door service.(More...)