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  • Extend new desitnion in China-Europe train Service (Train to Rostock-Verona / Gothenburg / Stockholm)Rostock is located on the Baltic Sea coast and is Germanys only deep-water port on the Baltic Sea. In 2018, the ports marine cargo throughput was 550,000 TEUs, and the multimodal transport capacity was 130,000 to 140,000 TEUs / year. After the train arrived in Rostock, Germany, it used the north-south distribution capacity of Rostock port to radiate Gothenburg, Stockholm, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and other countries to the north by shipping, railways, and roads, and to Verona, Italy to the south.The first-time train is full of daily necessities, solar cell modules, and automotive parts to Sweden, as well as anti-epidemic materials donated by Xian to Italy. Trains are transferred to the port of Rostock for distribution by sea-rail mode, and finally arrive in Verona, Italy in southern Europe, and Gothenburg, Sweden, and Stockholm in northern Europe. Compared with traditional transportation routes, the time limit for transportation will be greatly improved. At the same time, the international influence of the China-Europe train line has been expanded.
  • China Europe train Hefei to Neuss in 15 daysChina Europe train (Hefei-Neus) was sent Hefei North Station after the Spring Festival. A total of 100 TEUs were shipped on this train, with a value of 731,4081.7 USD and a weight of 578,201.85 kg. They were equipped with photovoltaic grid-connected inverters Anhui Real Estate and enroute Kazakhstan, Belarus, Poland, Germany and other countries. About 15 days later They will reach Dusseldorf, Germany, 11126 km away and eventually reach Neuss.
  • At 00:00 on January 1, 2020, the China-Europe public train (Xian-Prague) and the 2020 first Changan honking set sailed. With this trip Xian to the Czech Republic, the train will depart Xian Port Out, the normal operation of public trains will begin.Changan, fully loaded with daily necessities, electronic spare parts, and clothing, slowly sailed out of Xian Port and departed Horgos Port. After passing through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus and Poland, it finally reached Prague, Czech Republic. Reduced train running time by 3 days.The Xian-Prague public train is initially scheduled to operate four times a week, two times a week. The public train has the characteristics of fixed departure time, stable running time and low cost. Public trains emphasize the departure of return and return trains, and strictly calculate the connection time between trains and trains, that is, by controlling the outbound and return trains, they arrive at the reloading port at the same time. The stable operation of public trains indicates that the timeliness of trains can be accurately controlled and the waiting time is almost zero.