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Hefei's China-Europe Train "Midea" Departs

On February 20, 2020, in Hefei North Station, the "Midea" dedicated block train (Hefei-Moscow)
set off on its journey. The trip was full of refrigerators and other products exported by Hefei's local company Midea. The company shipped 86 TEUs with a value of 670,791.67 USD and a weight of 340326.5KG. It is expected to arrive in Moscow Volsino, 8733 kilometers away in 15 days.

During this extraordinary period, as the first Hefei enterprise export train after the epidemic resumption, the 28th Hefei Sino-Europe train  2020, the issue of a customized train of "Mide"
was the completion of some operating trains by the Hefei Train Company Adjust the response work, ensure that the service coordination and follow-up are in place, and do not reduce the quality and efficiency of services due to the epidemic situation, and ensure that the China-Europe train line is constantly in line during special periods

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